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We navigate entrepreneurs and investors in relocating their residence and business to Dubai and the UAE and legally achieve 0% net taxes.

Let's Reduce Your Taxes

Relocating from your high tax home country to a low tax jurisdiction like Dubai requires careful planning to ensure full compliance with laws on tax avoidance. 

We are experts at navigating clients through the red tape and allowing them to legally move both their personal residence and business tax residence to the UAE and pay low to no personal income and corporate income taxes.

Our experience in building advanced offshore company structures allows you to keep existing customers in your home country and build new business in Dubai - all tax-optimized.


Home Country Exit

We support you in safely and legally exiting the tax system of your home country.

UAE Company Structures

We assist you in setting up single to multi-company structures in the UAE and other offshore locations - all optimized for your personal business situation.

Visa Strategy

We help you navigate the UAE's extensive visa offerings along with the associated consequences on insurance, pension and social benefit contributions. 

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Meet Lucas Vincent

After 10 years of navigating the Dubai property and offshore business landscape, I founded "The Dubai Navigator" to allow you to effortlessly invest and/or relocate to Dubai, the world's premier tax-free offshore investing location.


I obtained a Master's Degree in Finance from the London School of Economics & Bachelor's Degree in Management with a focus on accounting and business law from global top 20 university King's College London.

I legally achieved an effective 0% personal and corporate income tax rate through offshore corporations on 3 continents.

I visited 100+ countries, lived in 6 countries, and obtained 3 citizenships.

If I can do it, so can you. Do it faster with my support!

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Choose a Strategy Plan or Go Straight for Execution

Purchase a Strategy + Execution Plan for $500 Off with Code "Buy2"

  • Hassle-Free Relocation Strategy

    Your Stress-Free 1-on-1 UAE Immigration Strategy (No tax support)
    • Unlimited 1-on-1 consultations on your situation
    • How to get company-, freelance-, golden- and dependent visas
    • Comparing 50+ UAE free zones & 7 Mainland Company Types
    • Overview of all needed licenses, and business permits
    • Guidance on health insurance, driving, schooling etc.
    • * This plan does NOT include tax advice
    • * Execution NOT included
  • Tax-Optimized Relocation Strategy

    Benefit from bespoke, 100% legal tax-minimization strategies
    • Includes the "Hassle-Free Relocation Strategy" PLUS
    • Assessment of your personal residence & tax situation
    • Assessment of your existing business operations & taxes
    • Minimize your personal income taxes
    • Minimize corporate income taxes for your businesses
    • Minimize inheritance taxes
    • Minimize exit taxes in your home country
    • Minimize capital gains taxes on global investments
    • Navigate intra-group transfer pricing regulations...
    • ... for global tax-optimized profit repatriation
    • Enjoy UAE tax-residency, while living in multiple countries
    • Covering SPVs, holdings, trusts, foundations ...
    • ... in the UAE and globally
    • Optional: How to hire employees in the UAE

    We file all your applications & manage the paperwork. Combine with a Strategy Plan for $500 Off
    • UAE mainland/free zone company incorporation
    • Business license application
    • Up to 3 visa applications for shareholders
    • Business bank account opening support
    • Personal bank account opening support
    • Medical examination + biometrics appointments
    • Emirates ID application
    • Corporate tax registration
    • Guidance on accounting and filing requirements
    • 7 days a week 1-on-1 support by TDN Team
    • * Opt. VIP Serv. (Lucas 1-on-1 in-person support) @ $4,999
    • * Optional annual/bi-annual company + visa renewal @ $999
    • * Opt. employee visa/permit/insurance applications @ $999
    • *Optional dependent visa application @ $999
    • * Optional import/export license @ $999
    • * Optional bookkeeping + tax filing from $1499/year
    • * Optional US/UK subsidiary company set up @ $999
    • * Optional "Local Manager" service @ $3,999/year
    • * Opt. UAE address proof (var. fees for business/personal)
    • * Government fees excluded (from $1,500+)

Why Work With Us?


“I am self-employed and can work from anywhere. Lucas helped me restructure my operations to be formally based in the UAE. I spend just 2-3 months there, and in the remainder of my time travel around the world. The company structure Lucas set up for me allows me to legally pay no income tax and have no mandatory insurance. It also allowed me to set up a legal will that remains valid no matter where in the world I stay.”

William Keith

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