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We assist Dubai investors and Dubai residents alike in securely structuring multi-country estates 

Let's Secure Your Estate

If you are a non-resident with assets in Dubai, or a Dubai resident with security and property assets in other countries, reliable estate planning gets complicated.

With our broad know-how in structuring multi-country companies and optimizing your Dubai property and international security investments, we are well positioned to craft waterproof, internationally recognized estate plans.

Dubai Assets

We specialize in creating estate plans that fully protect your UAE-based assets ranging from property to stock and company investments, whether you are a Dubai resident or not.

Home Country Assets

We develop advanced strategies that allow you to save on inheritance taxes and circumvent minimum inheritance share requirements in your country of citizenship

Global Assets

Through our global network of locally licensed will draftsmen and executioners we create multi-country estate plans that protect any kind of asset, globally.

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Meet Lucas Vincent

After 10 years of navigating the Dubai property and offshore business landscape, I founded "The Dubai Navigator" to allow you to effortlessly invest and/or relocate to Dubai, the world's premier tax-free offshore investing location.


I obtained a Master's Degree in Finance from the London School of Economics & Bachelor's Degree in Management with a focus on accounting and business law from global top 20 university King's College London.

I legally achieved an effective 0% personal and corporate income tax rate through offshore corporations on 3 continents.

I visited 100+ countries, lived in 6 countries, and obtained 3 citizenships.

If I can do it, so can you. Do it faster with my support!

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Mix & Match Plans

Choose plan(s) based on how much support you need

  • Estate Plan Strategy

    Developing a strategy for your international estate plan
    • Minimization of international inheritance taxes
    • Avoidance of minimum inheritance shares
    • Protection from Sharia Law regulations
    • Dubai-based asset estate planning for non-residents
    • Dubai-based asset estate planning for foreign residents
    • Global property estate planning for Dubai residents
    • Global stock & security estate planning for Dubai residents
    • Estate planning for Dubai and UAE based companies
    • Estate planning for international companies owned in Dubai
    • Estate planning for international cash holdings
    • Guidance on international and UAE execution of estate plans
  • Estate Execution

    We implement your estate plan through our global network
    • Plan INCLUDES our “Estate Plan Strategy”
    • Work with our global network of licensed estate specialists
    • Implementation by locally registered law practitioners
    • We handle will drafting in all major countries & Dubai
    • We get your wills registered in all applicable jurisdictions
    • Wills are 100% compliant with local and international rules
    • Wills complement each other without contradictions
    • Optional trust & foundation setup included
    • We appoint will executioners in all applicable countries
    • Detailed instructions to you & heirs on will execution
    • 1-on-1 consultations online or in-person in Dubai
    • *Variable third party charges apply

Why Work With Us?

“I did not realize that my stock and asset investments all many different countries meant that I needed a last will that takes all those countries' laws into consideration. The Dubai Navigator, with its international approach, was able to tell me clearly how to make my estate plan comply with the various local laws”

Ron Panchak

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