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We systematically navigate prospective Dubai Property investors through unfamiliar territory & achieve their desired real estate returns.

Let's Improve Property Returns

We are Dubai's only 100% independent data-driven property advisors & never earn commissions.

We use a range of demand and supply data to estimate future returns for any Dubai property and any monetization strategy.

Monetization Strategies

Compare the profitability of short-term- vs long-term rentals, off-plan vs ready properties, different unit sizes and neighborhoods. Based on our extensive real estate data. 

100% Independent

We are Dubai's only 100% independent real estate advisors. We don't earn commissions and don't work with developers. Consider us a data-driven buyer's agent.

Demand & Supply Analysis

We track and estimate future real estate demand and supply across 100+ Dubai neighborhoods. Time when to buy and when to sell in any location/building.

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Meet Lucas Vincent

After 10 years of navigating the Dubai property and offshore business landscape, I founded "The Dubai Navigator" to allow you to effortlessly invest and/or relocate to Dubai, the world's premier tax-free offshore investing location.


I obtained a Master's Degree in Finance from the London School of Economics & Bachelor's Degree in Management with a focus on accounting and business law from global top 20 university King's College London.

I legally achieved an effective 0% personal and corporate income tax rate through offshore corporations on 3 continents.

I visited 100+ countries, lived in 6 countries, and obtained 3 citizenships.

If I can do it, so can you. Do it faster with my support!

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Mix & Match Plans

Choose plan(s) based on how much support you need

  • Expert Business Case

    Profitability and qualitative analysis of any 1 property
    • Choose any 1 property in Dubai or the UAE
    • We estimate the property value up to 5y into the future
    • We estimate the rental return up to 5y into the future
    • We take into account payment plans & mortgages...
    • ... for the total expected return (Internal Rate of Return)
    • And compare your investment to alternatives
    • We assess a range of qualitative factors
    • Optional assessment of various monetization strategies
    • Complementary 60min 1-on-1 consultation & recommendations
  • Property Selection

    We analyze & find your ideal investment property
    • Tell us your budget & investment objective
    • We ANALYZE THE MARKET & find properties fitting your profile
    • We are 100% independent & never earn commissions
    • Unlimited 1-on-1 support until you make an investment
    • Choose properties based on appreciation potential
    • Compare all Dubai properties based on rental returns
    • We track supply (incl. every building under construction)...
    • ... forecast which property types will have oversupply...
    • ... and thus better buying opportunities
    • We analyze and compare different rental strategies
    • We compare the performance of 25+ property developers
    • We compare off-plan & ready property investments
    • We assess the profitability of mortgages
    • Our fee is less than 1% of your property purchase...
    • ... but can boost rental yields by 3-4%/year...
    • ... and make sure you avoid overvalued properties
    • Guidance on hiring a property manager
    • Guidance on setting up your property (utilities, ejari...)
    • *Optional: We contact agents & negotiate @ USD2,999/unit

Dubai's Only 100% Independent Source of ...

Original Property Research & Analysis

Why Work With Us?

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