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Business plans, financial plans and operational plans:

For startups and established businesses with a UAE Focus

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From Product Development
to Financial Planning

Contact us to inquire how we can improve your business performance.

Let's Improve Business Performance

Whether you are planning to start a new UAE-based business, already have a company here and need an expansion plan, or simply want to improve the operational or financial performance of your business, you have come to the right place!

Positioning Strategy

Ensure that the products & services you want to offer in the UAE are optimally positioned in terms of target audience & pricing, thanks to our extensive local market experience.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

How will you promote & sell your products & services in the UAE? We develop UAE-specific multi-channel marketing and sales strategies for maximum market acceptance.

Product Development

Are you still in the product development process? Great! We are here to assist you in finding local suppliers & partners to develop/amend your product offering.

Operational Planning

With our experience in operational management and management accounting, we support you in developing business processes in areas ranging from production to customer service.

Financial Planning

Make sure your business is profitable.

We develop advanced financial models for any project or business to ensure long term financial viability. 

Business Plan Drafting

You need a business plan to secure financing from investors? No problem!


We assist businesses with all aspects from company set up to securing financing.

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Meet Lucas Vincent

After 10 years of navigating the Dubai property and offshore business landscape, I founded "The Dubai Navigator" to allow you to effortlessly invest and/or relocate to Dubai, the world's premier tax-free offshore investing location.


I obtained a Master's Degree in Finance from the London School of Economics & Bachelor's Degree in Management with a focus on accounting and business law from global top 20 university King's College London.

I legally achieved an effective 0% personal and corporate income tax rate through offshore corporations on 3 continents.

I visited 100+ countries, lived in 6 countries, and obtained 3 citizenships.

If I can do it, so can you. Do it faster with my support!

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