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Achieve financial success by relocating your residence, company and investments to the UAE

If you are planning to move or invest in the UAE, we are here to support you every step of the way from securing a visa, to relocating your business and creating bespoke estate plan strategies to secure your international investments.

Mix & match our service offerings and start optimizing your life and investments.


UAE Residence
& Business Relocation

We support you in relocating your business and personal residence to the UAE, helping you navigate issues related to reducing the tax burden in your home country and efficiently structuring your UAE company and visas.


UAE & Dubai
Property Strategies

As Dubai's first and only independent real estate strategy consultants we support investors understand the volatile Dubai real estate market. We develop strategies that allow you to identify profitable long-term investments.

Madrid Stock Exchange

Tax-Optimized International Stock Investment Strategies

We develop strategies that allow Dubai residents to invest in global securities cost-effectively, tax-optimized, and securely with estate planning in mind. 


International Estate Planning for Dubai Investors & Residents

Whether you are a non-resident owning assets in Dubai, or a Dubai resident with global asset holdings, we advise you on tax-optimized estate planning strategies.

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Meet Lucas Vincent

After 10 years of navigating the Dubai property and offshore business landscape, I founded "The Dubai Navigator" to allow you to effortlessly invest and/or relocate to Dubai, the world's premier tax-free offshore investing location.


I obtained a Master's Degree in Finance from the London School of Economics & Bachelor's Degree in Management with a focus on accounting and business law from global top 20 university King's College London.

I legally achieved an effective 0% personal and corporate income tax rate through offshore corporations on 3 continents.

I visited 100+ countries, lived in 6 countries, and obtained 3 citizenships.

If I can do it, so can you. Do it faster with my support!

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