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Welcome to our Know-How Hub here at The Dubai Navigator.

We are experts in tax-optimized investment and relocation strategies for individuals and businesses alike, with a focus on Dubai and the UAE. Enjoy our free articles, and if you are looking for more in-depth 1-on-1 support, check out our paid services.

Complete Overview of All Freehold Areas in Dubai With Interactive Map

As many of you are aware, foreigners are allowed to outright own property in Dubai, but, not in the entire Emirate.

Foreigners are restricted to buying property in designated freehold areas.

As Dubai's first and only 100% independent property investment strategy consultants, we have, for the first time, mapped all areas in Dubai that allow freehold ownership as of 2023.

As one of the world's most dynamic cities, this overview of all freehold areas changes constantly. Check back regularly for updates.

Explore our interactive Dubai freehold areas map below:

There are more than 110 sub-developments that allow for freehold ownership.

We have created a second, much more detailed map with more defined borders and detailed labels for 100+ mega-clusters.

Access this map as part of our extensive "Dubai Property Strategy" coaching package where we help you:

  • navigate every major investment strategy from vacation rentals to maximizing capital appreciation

  • learn optimal purchase and sales strategies that benefit you as a buyer, not sellers or agents focusing on their returns and commissions

  • teach you how to estimate realistic net returns using cash flow analysis

  • understand how property returns vary widely between city districts, buildings, and even within the same building between different apartments

  • discuss the return and construction performance of 20+ major developers

  • give you an overview of 100+ mega-clusters in terms of rental and capital appreciation potential

  • introduce you to inheritance and international tax issues (important if you are a non-resident buyer)

  • and much more...

Many newcomers to the Dubai property market overpay for off-plan properties, buy in sub-optimal locations, choose underperforming buildings, and fail to maximize their property's return potential due to poor property management and rental strategies.

With 10+ years of experience navigating the Dubai property market and a graduate finance degree from the London School of Economics, I am Dubai's only property investment strategy consultant who has never and will never accept a commission from a property seller.


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