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All Dubai Property and Investor Visa Types

If you invest in Dubai property or an accredited investment fund, you may qualify for a Dubai (UAE) residence visa for up to ten years.

In this article, we cover all Dubai investor and property visas including the minimum qualification requirements and how to apply for each of them.

For an overview of all UAE visa types, including company-, employment- and freelancer visas, view our article on UAE visas.

Dubai offers a variety of property and investor visas

The Dubai Property Investor Visa

The most basic Dubai Property Investor Visa requires a minimum investment of AED 750,000 in Dubai Property. This amount may be split up between multiple properties.

If the property is mortgaged, at least AED 750,000 must be paid down to the bank.

As a result of the investment, the investor qualifies for a 2 Year Dubai residence visa.

The visa costs AED 9,953, and has to be applied for through the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

The investor may also sponsor family members with following visa durations and visa fees:

  • Wife (2 years) at 6,832.25 AED

  • Husband (1 year only at a time) at 8,832.25 AED

  • Children under 18 years old (2 years) at 6,132.25 AED per child

  • Daughter over 18 years old (2 years) at 6,832.25 AED

  • Son over 18 years (1 year only at a time) at 8,832.25 AED

  • Parents (1 year only at a time) at 8,632.25 AED

An additional visa file opening fee of 318.75 AED applies in case you decide to apply for dependent visa(s). If you sponsor your children, they must be unmarried.

The application has to be submitted by the investor in person at the main office of the Dubai Land Department.

The Dubai Property Golden Retirement Visa

The Dubai Property Golden Retirement visa requires a Dubai property investment of AED 1mill, which again may be spread out over multiple properties. You also need to be at least 55 years old.

You may even work in the UAE if you have a retirement visa, however, you will first need to get a work permit.

The retirement visa's validity is 5 years, and the visa costs 6734.75 AED.

This visa must not be confused with the standard Dubai Property Golden Visa discussed in the next section.

There are more limitations on who you may sponsor.

  • Spouse (5 years) at 4399.75 AED

  • Parents (1 year at a time) for 4242.25 AED

  • Children below 18 years of age (5 years) at 4399.75 AED

  • Children above 18 years of age (1 year at a time) at 4242.25 AED

A daughter above 18 years of age also needs to be unmarried, while a son above 18 years of age needs to be unmarried and a student.

An additional visa file opening fee of 318.75 AED applies in case you decide to apply for dependent visa(s).

Dubai Property Golden Visa

The Dubai Property Golden Visa is a sub-type of the UAE's Golden visa program, as discussed in detail in our article on the Golden Visa program.

The Dubai Property Golden visa requires a minimum investment of AED 2,000,000. The amount may be partially mortgaged, and may also be invested in off-plan properties from approved developers. Exact details change constantly. Contact us for free for up-to-date advice.

Just like with all Golden Visas, you may work in the UAE, whether you are self-employed or work for an external employer. However, in those cases, you still need to apply for a work permit.

The main Golden Visa fees are as follows: (Total: 9734.75 AED)

  1. Medical check: 700 AED

  2. Emirates ID: 1153 AED (10 Years)

  3. New visa: 2706.75 AED (10 Years)

  4. DLD fees: 4020 AED

  5. Administrative fees: 1155 AED

A family (dependent) visa based on the main visa costs: (5718.5 AED)

  1. New visa fees: 5399.75 AED

  2. File opening for dependent visa: 318.75 AED

The Dubai Property Golden Visa is more generous than the other property investor visas when it comes to sponsoring family members.

You may sponsor parents, underage children, and unmarried adult children, including sons. Sponsored family members get 10-year visas.

Please remember that once you sell your property investment, your Golden visa will be revoked!

Dubai / Abu Dhabi Investor Golden Visa

The standard investor Golden Visa is different from the property Golden Visa.

The Investor visa has following requirements.

  1. Invest at least AED 2mill in an investment fund accredited by the UAE authorities. The fund authority needs to issue you a letter of accreditation.

  2. You need to make tax payments to the Federal Tax Authority of at least AED250,000 per year.

  3. The capital must not be loaned from third parties.

Obviously, the tax payment requirements in particular are difficult to meet, rendering the investor visa unattractive.

If you are overwhelmed with all the available investor visa options, as well as company visas we discuss in a separate article, we are here for you.

All our services are offered at flat rate prices. Check them out below.


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